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You want to get heard, get hired and touch lives with your presentations?

Join Certified World-Class Speaking Coaches, Leopold Ajami (Dubai) and Robert Begley (New York) in an intensive 3-week Bootcamp on the art of Public Speaking so you can persuade, pitch and sell your ideas!

3 Live Speaking Coaching Sessions + Access to an Online Course where you can learn and practice the tools at your own pace.
Leopold Ajami

Leopold is by far the best Public Speaker I know!

Jonathan Steingiesser, Head of Product Design at Omnipresent

Leopold Ajami has the unique skill to open your mind and truly think about the world in ways you couldn't imagine. With his combination of Philosophy, Design, Speaking Coaching, and Psychology, he is offering a unique method of thinking. He is by far the best Public Speaker I have come across and I can't wait to collaborate with him again!

Robert connects deeply with you!

O Moja, President of College Libertarians Florida

Robert’s presentation was not only perfectly in line with our values but also highly entertaining and engaging. He presented the story of Frederick Douglass. In addition to being engaging, his story showed us the power to overcome and thrive is in everyone despite our circumstances. Robert then went a step above and beyond and spent time at dinner with us afterward. Thank you Robert for your charisma, salesmanship, commitment to liberty, and overall care

Excellent experience

Bernat de Claravall Fernández

My experience has been excellent. I learned a lot of valuable tips and strategies to make my story powerful. Before this Bootcamp, I didn't know how to use storytelling in my work and life. Now, I realize how crucial it is.

I'm at least 10 times better!

Mariam Jangirashvili

This Bootcamp is really valuable. I started thinking about everything from a different angle. Of course, I can't say that I'm a pro now, but I'm at least 10 times better. My respect for the coach who's been very filled with positive energies. Thank you!

Critical Speaking Bootcamp Dates and Topics

You will get access to an online course, and we meet once a week for live coaching. All sessions are conducted over Zoom and supported by practical and fun exercises, workbooks, personalized coaching, and a private community to engage with like-minded individuals.

  • Session #1 / Thursday, September 8


    • 8:00 PM (Dubai Time) /

    12:00 PM (EST)

    • 90 Min session

    During the first live session, you will learn how to unveil a powerful theme that matters to you and how to structure your ideas, so you connect with your audience.

  • Session #2 / Thursday, September 15


    • 8:00 PM (Dubai Time) /

    12:00 PM (EST)

    • 90 Min session

    You will learn how to tap into your deepest emotions and ideas so that you can create an unforgettable story.

    By the end of the Bootcamp, you will have a 3-4 min story that you can use in your upcoming presentation, interview, podcast, or in your sales pitch.

  • Session #3 / Thursday, September 22


    • 8:00 PM (Dubai Time) /

    12:00 PM (EST)

    • 90 Min session

    You will learn the common mistakes most speakers make and the strategies you should use to deliver your talk and move your audience to take action.

    You will also get to deliver your talk and get live coaching!

The Critical Speaking Bootcamp was so impressive that I signed up for the yearly membership!

Robert Hartford, retired physicist and software developer

"My transition from writing academic papers to public speaking has enormously benefited from the "Critical Speaking Bootcamp" course. The online materials and the real-time coaching were so impressive that I signed up for the "Uncage Your Voice Inner Circle" yearly membership. The two coaches, Leopold & Robert, each session complemented each other and led to better feedback than one alone could have provided. I now have much greater confidence in my ability to capture and keep audience's attention while presenting. |

You will learned formulas that you can use in any form of communication!

Dominick Purpura, Student of Economics

During the bootcamp I learned not only how to capture my audience's attention for my particular speech but learned and understood the formula to replicate this process for future speeches. I received heavily detailed feedback on each step of my speech, and I couldn’t have asked for better feedback as this pushed me to sharpen my story step by step. Being coached under Robert and Leopold was a treat, and I would highly recommend this program to anyone, regardless if they have an upcoming speech or not.

If you get a chance to work with Robert and Leopold, take it!

Cynthia Roeth, Roeth Education Services

Robert & Leopold embody our highest virtues. Their talks and coaching are illuminating while also being very accessible to their audience. If you get a chance to work with them, take it! They are original with keen insights because they truly ‘walk the walk’ of being five-star presenters.

Whatever Robert & Leopold are selling, I am buying.

Chris Carpiniello, Professonial Drummer & Novato City Council Candidate

"The Critical Speaking Bootcamp helped me tremendously, and people around me are noticing the difference. Robert Begley is like a mentor to me, and when he offered me the opportunity to learn to speak (and write) in a way that would be exponentially more effective, I jumped at the chance.

And Leopold Ajami has a unique style of addressing an audience. His soft-spoken demeanor and attention to detail make him a model of confidence and authority that many struggles all their lives to achieve. If you want to become a confident presenter and communicator, I wholeheartedly recommend Robert, Leopold, and the Novel Philosophy Academy. Whatever they are selling, I am buying."

Critical Thinking + World Class Speaking

Our philosophy is our difference! There are countless courses on public speaking, but here is the only safe place where you can challenge the core of your ideas, think creatively, then learn to turn your ideas into presentations that touch and change lives.

  • Why Critical Speaking?

    Learning Critical Speaking will help you boost your confidence, uncover stories, articulate and pitch your ideas.

    If you want to be remembered, repeated, and rehired, this Bootcamp is for you.

  • Is this for You?

    If you have a voice, then absolutely! Maybe you are pitching or creating video content or podcasts. Perhaps you simply want to make an impact when you communicate or want to rock the TedX Stage.

    This Bootcamp will offer you systematic tools that will become your first step to transform you into a World Class Speaker.

  • How it works?

    Once you join the Bootcamp, you will learn new tools and apply them to your specific needs every week. You will be teamed up with accountability partners to get the best out of each other.

    Also, you will have access to upcoming recorded training, playbooks, and live sessions.

You will learn to design your pitch or talk, craft an unforgettable story, and keep your audience hungry for more of you!

Here are some of the things you will learn throughout the Critical Speaking Bootcamp:

  • How to choose a topic and craft a powerful theme for your presentation.

  • Our proprietary tools to structure your content and keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

  • Tap into your deepest ideas and emotions to uncover a story that connects and persuades your audience.

  • Simple storytelling framework that you can employ in any situation even if you think you are not a good writer.

  • Strategies to deliver your presentation with impact and leave your audience hungry for more.

  • 🚀And — you will get coached by 2 Speaking Coaches who trained TEDx Speakers and top executives globally, Leopold Ajami (Dubai) and Robert Begley (New York).

Show your professional certification!

When you learn and master something, you need proof.

Get recognized for your professional commitment and development. Upon completion of the Bootcamp, you will get a certification signed and dated with your name on it, shareable on social media.

All our programs are uniquely designed and are unavailable anywhere else. So, when someone asks you about your skills, you can show them what you mean - then, present this certificate.

Certificate of achievement

Robert changed my life!

Jeffrey Baldwin, MBA. Strategic Director at the LIBRE Initiative

"Robert changed my life! His mesmerizing presentation style motivated me to change careers and to seek his coaching talents so I can emulate his art."

I've gone from boring to engaging presentations!

CarrieAnn Biondi, Ph.D. Philosophy Professor, Curriculum Developer

Leopold Ajami is both serious and playful to work with, which is a winning combination for me in learning how to improve my public presentation skills. He takes ideas seriously but knows how to use creativity, humor, and visuals to great effect in making complex material accessible to the layman. I've gone from having a boring style of academically reading a paper to creating engaging presentations that have an audience leaning forward in their seats and personally connecting to the material. I've still got lots to learn, but look forward to more advanced public speaking coaching support from Leopold to help me on my journey!

I literally uncaged my voice!

Milica Jovanović

When was the last time you uncovered a fascinating revelation about yourself? Beyond the amazing speaking tools in this Bootcamp, you will learn how to dive deep into yourself and uncover stories you thought you never had! The best part? you will learn to turn these stories into an unforgettable presentation.