The Re:turn

An exciting pop-up space and program curated by ATÖLYE at Dubai Design Week 2021 from November 8 - 13 in Dubai Design District (d3)

On November 8, our Founder, Leopold Ajami took part in the RE:DEFINE day, speaking about "The Depth Of Heights": How philosophy gives rise to creativity.

He explored the root of creativity from a philosophical lens, as well as cultural examples of how, creativity without a rational philosophy, can lead to destruction. Join us below if you'd like to get a hands-on workshop.

(We'll email you details on the date, time and location. We'll do it either through zoom or in-person.)


How philosophy gives rise to creativity.

What is creativity? And, why do you need to redefine it? In a complex, highly interconnected world, new discoveries urge us to relook at our definitions. The question is: where should we start? Did we get our foundation right? And how might we reformulate our self-image so we can build a world in the image of the best within us?

‘The Depth Of Heights’ is a Masterclass on the nature and root cause of creativity. You will discover how to investigate your philosophical conclusions that nurture your creativity. By analyzing and working with historical and cultural examples, you will learn to define your creative thinking in terms of essentials. Ultimately, how we define creativity is a matter of life or death, of rising or falling. Either we climb towards our highest human potential or sentence ourselves to self-destruction. 

Do you want to have follow up sessions to learn how philosophy nurtures creativity?

What happens if you couldn't attend the live session? Or, if a one hour MasterClass wasn't enough? (which we know that it's not!) By subscribing you gain access to follow up sessions and training after the DDW event. Join us!

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Leopold Ajami

Founder of Novel Philosophy Academy, Speaking Coach, Podcaster.

Writing your own bio is like sitting in the bathtub waiting for an 'Eureka' moment. You want to make it compelling without sounding too pompous, yet you want to make sure you don't miss a thing. Should I mention the dog that I don't have? 


What if I start with a question? "What would happen if Philosophy married Creativity?" Good - that summarizes my career as a "Novel Philosopher." 

I could sneak in that I'm also a Public Speaking Coach, Adman, Filmmaker, obsessed about learning and creating cultural change. Don't forget to mention that you are the founder of a professional development hub called Novel Philosophy Academy, and the host of the “Ideas On Trial” Podcast.

The water rises and makes you slightly drunken. Then, thunder grabs your belly. You jump off the bathtub to tell the world you're pregnant with an idea, only to slip face down. You miss a charming introduction; but, you walk out with a new purpose: To help people sharpen their minds, sculpt their characters, and uncage their voices.

You can email me at [email protected] to stay updated with my upcoming workshops, courses and podcast episodes.