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Design Thinking Applied to Speaking!

Speakers are transformational designers. They design the bridge between their ideas, and your needs!

Speak By Design is inspired by the Design Thinking Process. It helps you develop your presentation, pitch, or conversation from a human-centered perspective.

You will learn how to empathize with yourself and others and how to define a roadmap that persuades your audience. 

You will then discover engaging ways to generate ideas for your presentation and make seemingly unforeseen connections. 

And just like designing a product, you will never know how to objectively evaluate and measure the efficacy of your talk if you don't prototype it and show up on stage. 

Designing a transformational journey is the precondition of delivering a great presentation

That's why Speak By Design is primarily focused on creating a logical structure and on developing content that elicits emotions and actions. Delivery is the last phase of presentation mastery, and its success depends on your willingness to embrace and emerge yourself in the process.

In short, it's a recognition that your voice matters and a methodology to help you show up and speak up!

How would you feel if you could use your design skills to design your voice?

Whether you are a student or a professional in the Design/Creative/Multimedia industry, the Speak By Design Workshop is not merely designed for you.It's designed by you!


How? Simple. 

The secret is in the process.

The same tools you learned for your design or creative process can help you become a confident, effective and persuasive presenter. In Other words, the philosophy is the same; the difference is in the application. 

Once you learn how to integrate your skills within your presentation's framework, speaking will become second nature.

Hello, I'm Leopold Ajami, the founder of Novel Philosophy Academy. 

I became a professional speaker and speaking coach because I had a multi-faceted multimedia career, and I wanted a way to integrate my learnings to touch people's lives!

I worked as a Creative Director, Strategist, Designer, Filmmaker, and Educator. I developed courses on Philosophy, Creativity & Communication. 

I always built my talks or workshop using a multimedia approach. I observe the world around me and infer methodologies. Then, I turn my learnings and insights into talks and workshops to make a difference in people's lives. 

What would you do after watching a movie that moves you deeply? 

I still remember the feeling after watching Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker." So, I developed a workshop called: The Madness of Joker to help individuals sculpt their self-esteem by understanding the integration of philosophy and psychology. 

How was I able to do that? 

Trust me, I'm not special, nor have any innate gifts. 

I simply integrated my learnings and designed frameworks to evaluate and advance my skills. You can do the same when you apply the tools.  

No matter your profession or field of study, remember this: If you can think, write and speak, you are unstoppable, and the world is yours to build in your image.

The format is up to you. The result is a guaranteed mind-shift.

You can bring the 'Speak By Design' to your Company or University as a Talk, a Workshop, or a series of intensive Masterclasses.

  • CORE

    Discover how to identify a core idea and expand it thematically so you can connect with your audience.


    Learn a simple formula to generate ideas and structure your presentation so you can trigger your intended emotions and actions.


    Develop stories and hooks so you can make your presentation unforgettable and scalable.


    Discover the essential strategies you need to deliver an impactful presentation, even if you're not a pro.

Leopold is by far the best Public Speaker I know!

Jonathan Steingiesser, Head of Product Design at Omnipresent

Leopold Ajami has the unique skill to open your mind and truly think about the world in ways you couldn't imagine. With his combination of Philosophy, Design, Speaking Coaching, and Psychology, he is offering a unique method of thinking. He is by far the best Public Speaker I have come across and I can't wait to collaborate with him again!

Excellent experience

Bernat de Claravall Fernández

My experience has been excellent. I learned a lot of valuable tips and strategies to make my story powerful. Before this Workshop, I didn't know how to use storytelling in my work and life. Now, I realize how crucial it is.

I'm at least 10 times better!

Mariam Jangirashvili

This Bootcamp is really valuable. I started thinking about everything from a different angle. Of course, I can't say that I'm a pro now, but I'm at least 10 times better. My respect to Leopold whose coaching has been filled with positive energyy. Thank you!

I've gone from boring to engaging presentations!

CarrieAnn Biondi, Ph.D. Philosophy Professor, Curriculum Developer

Leopold Ajami is both serious and playful to work with, which is a winning combination for me in learning how to improve my public presentation skills. He takes ideas seriously but knows how to use creativity, humor, and visuals to great effect in making complex material accessible to the layman. I've gone from having a boring style of academically reading a paper to creating engaging presentations that have an audience leaning forward in their seats and personally connecting to the material. I've still got lots to learn, but look forward to more advanced public speaking coaching support from Leopold to help me on my journey!

I literally uncaged my voice!

Milica Jovanović

When was the last time you uncovered a fascinating revelation about yourself? Beyond the amazing speaking tools in this Workshop, you will learn how to dive deep into yourself and uncover stories you thought you never had! The best part? you will learn to turn these stories into an unforgettable presentation.

Do you want to get heard, get hired, touch lives with your presentations, and become future-proof?

Here are some of the things you will learn depending on the format you choose:

  • How to choose a topic and craft a powerful theme for your presentation.

  • Our proprietary tools to structure your content and keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

  • Tap into your deepest ideas and emotions to uncover a story that connects and persuades your audience.

  • Simple storytelling framework that you can employ in any situation even if you think you are not a good writer.

  • Strategies to deliver your presentation with impact and leave your audience hungry for more.

  • Techniques to apply your learnings to other purposes, like a cover letter, resume, negotiation, interviews, and even your daily conversations.

  • 🚀And — the best part is that the whole approach is not someone talking to you - it's a coaching journey where you and your needs are the priorities.