Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, misconceptions, and missed opportunities.

We're here to help and the first session is on us! By joining the Speakers Inner Circle you will get monthly live structural training to become an unforgetabble, influencial communicator.

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This is for you if you are a...

  • Leader who wants to inspire action and commitment

  • Ambitious professional who wants to advance in your career

  • Creative professional who wants to pitch, persuade, and sell your ideas

  • Sales professional who wants to dramatically increase your selling efficiency without annoying clients

  • Entrepreneur who is looking to distinguish and brand yourself with your story, and market your business

  • Speaker, consultant, or coach who wants to level up your skills and increase your market value

  • Competitive professional preparing for job interviews, podcasts, or a bio that sets you apart

  • Politician or activist who want to build unforgettable speeches and drive your audience to vote

You will be coached by Two Certified World-Class Speaking Coaches

Leopold Ajami (Dubai) & Robert Begley (New York) have trained professional and amateur speakers from various industries all over the world. Including CEOs, TedX Speakers, Thought-Leaders, Technologists, and Creative Professionals.

Great presenters gain a competitive edge. What are you waiting for?
Leopold Ajami

Leopold is by far the best Public Speaker I know!

Jonathan Steingiesser, Head of Product Design at Omnipresent

Leopold Ajami has the unique skill to open your mind and truly think about the world in ways you couldn't imagine. With his combination of Philosophy, Design, Speaking Coaching, and Psychology, he is offering a unique method of thinking. He is by far the best Public Speaker I have come across and I can't wait to collaborate with him again!

Robert connects deeply with you!

O Moja, President of College Libertarians Florida

Robert’s presentation was not only perfectly in line with our values but also highly entertaining and engaging. He presented the story of Frederick Douglass. In addition to being engaging, his story showed us the power to overcome and thrive is in everyone despite our circumstances. Robert then went a step above and beyond and spent time at dinner with us afterward. Thank you Robert for your charisma, salesmanship, commitment to liberty, and overall care

Excellent experience

Bernat de Claravall Fernández

My experience has been excellent. I learned a lot of valuable tips and strategies to make my story powerful. Before this Bootcamp, I didn't know how to use storytelling in my work and life. Now, I realize how crucial it is.

I'm at least 10 times better!

Mariam Jangirashvili

This Bootcamp is really valuable. I started thinking about everything from a different angle. Of course, I can't say that I'm a pro now, but I'm at least 10 times better. My respect for the coach who's been very filled with positive energies. Thank you!

This is the Netflix of Self-Development and Presentation Mastery

Your membership is the most efficient way to increase your training effectiveness and decrease your training budget!

  • Access to Self-Paced Training

    When you become a member you will gain access to video training, workbooks, resources, and case studies.

    It's your curriculum to develop your presentation skills, and it covers every proven strategy and technique that you need to own the stage.

  • Monthly Live Coaching Session

    You will join Leopold and Robert monthly for a live coaching session over zoom.

    You will learn new tools to become an influential Thinker and Speaker. Also, this is your space to bring on your questions and challenges for personalized coaching.

    The tools you will learn extend beyond Public Speaking. You can use them for Writing, Consulting, Sales, Pitching, Leadership, Podcasting, Content Creation, and even for creating meaningful conversations!

  • Join Our Private Community

    This is not like a Facebook group; it's your space to get answers to your questions, meet like-minded ambitious professionals and develop mutual opportunities.

    Even more... This is a co-creation space. Imagine this: You ask a question or need some assistance, and we will turn our feedback into a modular, recorded lesson. So, you will have new training materials tailored to your needs every month.

How much do you pay monthly on subscription you rarely benefit from?

Imagine if a year from today, you are celebrated on stage, you can sell your ideas to anyone, and you are making a living by simply using your voice!

A Curriculum That Grows With You!

Every month you get invited to a live coaching session and learn new tools to become an effective thinker and communicator! And the best part? You co-design the content based on your needs, expertise and engagement.

  1. Welcome to the Uncage Your Voice Inner Circle

  2. Monthly Live Sessions (Recordings)

  3. Module 1: Unveil Your Subject & Theme

  4. Module 2: The L.I.G.H.T. Formula to Structure an Irresistible Content.

  5. Module 3: The 5C's for Captivating Storytelling

  6. Module 4: Deliver with Impact

Become a Member

  • $649.00 / year
  • 41 lessons
  • 23.5 hours of video content

Robert changed my life!

Jeffrey Baldwin. MBA. Grassroots Engagement Director at the LIBRE Initiative

Robert changed my life! His mesmerizing presentation style motivated me to change careers and to seek his coaching talents so I can emulate his art.

I've gone from boring to engaging presentations!

CarrieAnn Biondi, Ph.D. Philosophy Professor, Curriculum Developer

Leopold Ajami is both serious and playful to work with, which is a winning combination for me in learning how to improve my public presentation skills. He takes ideas seriously but knows how to use creativity, humor, and visuals to great effect in making complex material accessible to the layman. I've gone from having a boring style of academically reading a paper to creating engaging presentations that have an audience leaning forward in their seats and personally connecting to the material. I've still got lots to learn, but look forward to more advanced public speaking coaching support from Leopold to help me on my journey!

I literally uncaged my voice!

Milica Jovanović

When was the last time you uncovered a fascinating revelation about yourself? Beyond the amazing speaking tools in this Bootcamp, you will learn how to dive deep into yourself and uncover stories you thought you never had! The best part? you will learn to turn these stories into an unforgettable presentation.

If you get a chance to work with Robert and Leopold, take it!

Cynthia Roeth, Roeth Education Services

Robert & Leopold embody our highest virtues. Their talks and coaching are illuminating while also being very accessible to their audience. If you get a chance to work with them, take it! They are original with keen insights because they truly ‘walk the walk’ of being five-star presenters.